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Heat Pump Maintenance Plans

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Heat Pump Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance of your heat pump is designed to check for common problems.

Often, dirty compressors and condenser coils will reduce the efficiency of the system, decreasing its ability to transfer heat or cooled air effectively into your home. Filters must also be checked regularly to remove any dirt or dust build up.
Some of these minor tasks can actually be performed by the homeowner. Replaceable filters can be changed and permanent filters can be vacuumed or sprayed off with a hose on a regular basis. However there are many parts of the system that should only be handled by a professional. They need to be carefully maintained by someone who knows how to turn off the electrical supply to the unit and remove and put back key components.
Maintenance goes beyond simply checking the heat pump for problems, however. A good maintenance plan will also take into account the common issues that arise when your heat pump is operational all year long. Your air handler and ductwork in particular are also put through the paces to keep your home comfortable.
We will check the ductwork during maintenance and perform a full inspection of your air handler to make sure it doesn’t need any upgrades or fixes as well. It’s common for problems to develop in any of these systems if they are neglected for extended periods of time; we can catch them during maintenance to reduce the likelihood of future problems.
  • Standard Plan
  • $110.00
  • Dismantle and clean indoor unit & coil
  • check electrical conections Service and
  • inspect outdoor unit
  • Full Maintenance Service
  • $260.00
  • Dismantle & clean indoor unit & coil check electrical conections
  • Service & inspect outdoor unit Check output temperature and
  • operation Carry out HVAC GUIDE Test & Maintenance program